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The nurse calls results of a client’s arterial blood gasses to the healthcare provider and receives a prescription to treat the client. When the nurse administers the prescribed sodium bicarbonate to the client, the client’s status worsens. The nurse realizes that an error has been made as the wrong ABG results were given to the healthcare provider. What results were given to the healthcare provider?

1. pH 7. 27, PaCO2 42 mm Hg, HCOᴈ 16 mEq/L.
2. pH 7. 22, PaCO2 38 mm Hg, HCOᴈ 19 mEq/L.
3. pH 7. 52, PaCO2 40 mm Hg, HCOᴈ 38 mEq/L.
4. pH 7. 50, PaCO2 26 mm Hg, HCOᴈ 25 mEq/L.

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