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While each question comes with in-depth rationale, our NCLEX platform allows for messages and chats to be sent to our tutors for further clarification and deeper inquiries.

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Test preparation is a journey of mastery. Testzapp allows you to track your own test prep journey showing you how well you are prepared for each subject. Focusing on your weaker subjects turns your deficiencies into strengths, allowing you to walk into your test with confidence.

NCLEX Question of the Week

The nurse on the telemetry unit notes that a client’s monitor is showing second-degree AV block (Mobitz 1). The client is symptomatic with a heart rate of 50. What is the priority nursing action? Select all that apply

Our NCLEX app family includes FREE Ask-an-Expert tutoring service.

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Our NCLEX platform includes an application and an online portal. The portal allows for the tracking of student progress and areas of weakness. If you would like to explore our various NCLEX applications or the power of the backend portal let us know below.

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