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NCLEX Exam Preparation Apps and Tools with 100s of free Practice Questions

NCLEX® Preparation Anytime - Anywhere

  • NCLEX®Apps allow study or quiz by content area, NCSBN client needs test plan or priority concepts
  • Include resources sections includes Essential Drugs for NCLEX® Exam and Nursing Calculators as well as Ask-an-Expert free tutoring service.
  • Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) question format available.

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Educators & Tutors

Make Skyscape NCLEX part of your curriculum
Guide your students to NCLEX(R) Success
Learn how to maximize your students’ scores with NCLEX prep apps.
Questions in the Skyscape apps are tagged by the following categories:
  • Client Needs
  • Priority Concepts
  • Content Area
  • Nursing Process
  • Cognitive Levels
The Skyscape’s Q&A platform includes a Web Dashboard for viewing students progress.
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NCLEX® Prep in the Classroom & Beyond

Skyscape FREE Webinar Series - NCLEX® Preparation should not be an event at the end of the program. Preparation should be interwoven into every learning experience. This webinar will explore effective and efficient strategies that help every faculty member in every class address NCLEX Preparation. The tools and strategies reviewed will help students quickly move into the world of critical thinking regardless of their level in the program. Because higher order thinking is so integral to NCLEX success, these tools help students prepare starting early in the program.

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